Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello Hello.~

It's been a while I didn't update my blog right? Yah, I'm too busy with my studies. But now I'm too free and don't know what to do. I get 4 months holiday for this semester break. It's such a long time. Damn. I'm so bored doing nothing at home. Huhu. I think I wanna work during this holiday to fill up my free time. Tomorrow I'll search for a job. Maybe a cashier in shopping complex or whatever. I just need something to do and sweep away this boring time.

Btw, the other reason I didn't post anything to my blog because I don't have much things to share because my life just go smoothly without any severe problem. Hehe. Em, I'll try to update my blog continuously this time if I have free time and something to share. See you next time all. Byebye.~ <3