Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some words for you my everything.

Here's the story. Im Nurul Hidayah a.k.a Chiyoko Dasamik.
Today I wanna tell my special someone what I feel for him.

Boy, I love you so much. This is not only a simple word for me. I would never play with this word. Boy, the truth is, from the 1st time we know each other it was like a mistake but I am so happy because I did it. We fell in love with each other. Boy, you are the only one I love so much from 10 months ago. I love you.

I miss you. This is the second word that I wanna say to you. Dear, I miss you a lot. Its been awhile we did not meet. I miss you like crazy but we both know we have to accept that we can't meet so often from the 1st we decided to declare our relationship.

Love, when I recieve that messege, I am the 1st person who felt it. Frustrated. I am so damnly wanna meet you on this becoming days. Really I am. But, we both know why right? I can't argue on it. I love you both. I am sorry love.
I am here have to be the toughest person in this modest world. I have to bear every single thing. I have to be patient. I don't wanna make any decission in a rush. We both know it might worsen everything. But dear, please agree and trust to me on this, we have go through this together and be patient. Note that I felt everything that you felt.

The last one, I want you to be patient too. Boy, I need you so much in my life. You the only boy that I trust so much. You the only one that I would die too. Boy, you know everything I've been through in the past. You should know and understand me better than anyone else. I want we both be more patient and bear all the things, problems or whatsoever we both have to go throught together. I know you need me too right? I really wish we could be together forever dear.

P/s : I miss and love you so much! You are the only one that I think so much every single day. I just want you boy. And boy, I wish you feel the same. I will wait for you forever. I will hold on it till you ask me to let it go. <3

Credit to : Mohamad Alif Bin Kasah.