Thursday, December 30, 2010

After A long Break. ;)

Its been awhile I didn't update my blog. I have so many things to write on but I can't do it because I've forgotten some of them. So, I'll make it short. Here they are.

1) FAMILY ; Yeah! Family always come first! ;D My family have been so lovely recently! In Feb 2011, my family gonna have a new family member! My older brother gonna get married! So, here's come my sister in law! Excited! ;D My dad had done with his job. Means, he is free and not working anymore. My mom will follow after my dad on next year. Er, next year is around the corner. Hehe. The conclusion is, my family is just fine and I love this feeling! <3

2) LOVE LIFE ; My love life is just FINE! It is going on smoothly although we fight sometimes. That's normal right? HAHA. My boyfriend is far away from me now which he is in his hometown (Segamat) and I am here in Kelantan. South and East. Count it yourself how far we are separated. HUHU. :'( And, it is almost 2 months we didn't meet each other. Oh yes! I miss him a lot! Hehe. I wish I'll gonna meet him soon. I really count on it. :) Okay! That's all about my love life I think. :D

3) STUDIES ; Gahh! Study is something that I should do until I'm 23 yrs I guess! It is a must! My mom would never let me stop studying till I get my Degree. It's HARD okay! Huhu. But, I think I like studying. I mean, it's not so hard as working. For study, we just have to go to the lectures, go home, do some homeworks and then final exams! I think it is simple right? HAHA. Some people would say I am crazy cause I like studying and not working. Hey! If you're working in an office (I mean office hours such as 8.30am till 5.00pm something like that.) I better be studying because some lectures just only take about 1 hour/lecture. If you're having three lectures in a day, that's only 3 hours. Can you imagine it? Conclusion, I love studying. ;D

4) FRIENDS ; Hmm. I think I am the worst in being a friend. One of it is I really don't like hypocrite! I think you guys feel the same with me right? Okay, what did I hate about hypocrite is they pretend to be a good friend of us, pretend to be nice and something near to it but at the back, they talk shit about us. It can't be forgiven. Some of my friends said that they're being hypocrite because they don't want to hurt one's feeling. For me, straight-forward ones is better! If you don't like something you would throw it right? So, if you don't like someone just say so. Or if you don't want that one hurt, slow talk with her/him. If she/he can't accept it, tell them go to hell! Simple right? Em, different people different action yeah? Maybe I take it too serious but please note that I REALLY HATE HYPOCRITE! Yup! I fought with some of my friends because of it but I think I'm happy with it. :)

Er, I think thats all for this time. See you next time. Thank you! Buhbye. <3