Friday, July 2, 2010

~it is a LONG time my dear~

*Latest Photo of Me*

its been awhile i didnt update my blog.
miss my bloggie so much!
muahs muahs muahs! ;D

there's so many things that i wanna
share with you guys in here.
now, its marathon again!
hehehe~~~ *.*

"Family Life"
here goes bout my family thingy.
my family just fine.
really fine!
i have no problem at all with my family.
hehehe... ;D
but, here comes a bad thing happened to us.
on last 1st June 2o1o
my beloved auntie is dead.
she is a very loving, caring and kind-hearted person.
she is dead because of some magic spell.
can you guys get it?
a blood related person done this STUPID THING
to my beloved auntie!
we hate her so much now!
but, we have to shut our mouth so that she
would not do the same thing to us.
huhuhuhu. ;(
its the bad bad thing.
i really miss my auntie so much! :'(
she is the greatest person that i ever have instead
dear ALLAH, please bless her.
place her in the best place - HEAVEN.

"Study Life"
study, as we all know, it is so important in our life
from the past till now and the future.
my study life a lil' bit complicated now when
i have been so damn lazy to continue my studies.
but, till now im still a GOOD student.(MAYBE)
hehehe. ;D
my grades just fine.
but, i think i dont really like my ENGLISH
class now when there are some classmates
that i dont like much to be with.
choosy! ^_^
by the way, that is because of some reasons
that i cant avoid to.
9th July 2o1o,
i will go back to KUALA LUMPUR which is
the place that im studying at ; University of Malaya.
and there goes my new study life will go.
study harder and harder this time okay miss NURUL HIDAYAH!

[Third and Last]
"Love Life"
ouh yeah!
this is the best part ever!
hehehehe. ;D
here goes my love life story~~~
im so damn happy with my baby boy ; Mohd. Alif B. Kasah.
he is so damn cool man.
i love him so much! ^_^
its been so long enough for me.
our relationship has come to 3 months.
yesterday ; 1st July is our 3rd month anniversary!
hehehe. ;D
on our last birthday which are on
last 3rd May and 6th May,
(thats our first date)
my boyfriend and i have so much blasts!
there were because we had been together for
A WEEK during our birthday.
i like~~~ ;P
im so damn happy that time.
wish we could do the same thing AGAIN!
hohohoho. :D
later then ; after we met, he had to go back
to his college and i had to go back to my hometown.
semester break LOL. :)
after a few days from our first meet,
my boyfriend came to my hometown ; KELANTAN to meet me.
he said he miss me so much.
you know baby, same goes to me!
muahs muahs muahs! <3<3<3