Thursday, April 22, 2010

its a HAPPY HAPPY day! (^_^)

ouh, its a HAPPY day my dear!
i just talked to my boyfriend and its so much fun okay.
im so damn HAPPY! ^_^
he is so adorable.
and cute.
i just love him.
a thousand kisses for you my dear.
muuuuaaaaahhhhsss! *.*

ouh my baby, MOHD ALIF BIN KASAH.
you fulled my life with fun and happiness.
you'd lighten up my life with thousands of smiles.
ahh... im so happy because i have you.
its never be the same without you sayangss.
i wish you will be mine forever.
always stand beside me.
always be with me when i need you so much.
i just want you my dear.
just you.
lets kissing.
muahs muahs muahs!
haha. :D

ouh my HAPPY day!
i wish you wont leave me.
ouh please say never!
i need this very HAPPY day with me forever.
full my every single day with fun and joys.
i need this HAPPY day my dear.
i want to smile always.
give my smiles to everyone.
make everyone HAPPY when they look at me.
ouh my dear HAPPY day.
you cant be replaced.
you are what i need so much right now.
ouh my HAPPY HAPPY day.
i will never hate you.
because you just can be loved.
please just stay with me till the end of my life.
i need you my HAPPY HAPPY day.
with you, my life would be so damn great.
and i will be the most HAPPIEST girl in the world
thanks to you my HAPPY HAPPY day.
i love you! ^_^

please dont be jealous okay.
i need this HAPPY HAPPY day as much as i need you in my life.
i LOVE you more than everything sayangss.
hehe. (=

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

its my BIRTHDAY and this is my only WISH.

3rd May 2o1o
its my 21st birthday my dear.
ouh, i cant wait for that day. i think this year would be much more great from the past because i have him. ouh yeah! ^_^
here is my only wish for this year.
i wish this would come true. huhu.
i wanna meet my boyfriend!
thats my only wish.
i want nothing from him except this.
i really wanna meet him.
i wish he can come to my place and have a date with me.
i wanna meet him damnly.
ouh my dear boyfriend, i will wait for you here sayangs.
i wish we can meet on my BIRTHDAY.
i wanna have a great day with you.
just with you.
i wanna hug you. i wanna kiss you.
ouh, i really wanna be with you sayangs.
i want you to know how much i love you.
ouh GOD, please make my wish come true.
this is my only wish.
only this!
im begging YOU...
i really wish we can meet each other my dear.
ouh, i love you so much!
muahs muahs muahs muahs muahs!

Monday, April 19, 2010

bla bla bla. get lost chiyoko! *sigh* [R.I.P]

today should be a wonderful day but it happened again.
im stressed out! ouh, im dead.
my parent would scold me if they know about this.
stupid chiyoko!
please change babe!
dont show off your stupidity here.
we all already knew it.
get lost chiyoko!

em, today i've met two of my lecturers.
one is wong sensei and the other one is dr. su.
ouh, i met wong sensei to give my kanji tests' marks. (it is about Japanese languange)
one problem solved!
then, i went to my faculty to meet dr. su.
i've to meet her for some reason.
err, i think i should not say it in here.
i cried ouh when i met her.
she made me cry.
but, its not her fault.
im the one who made the mistakes.
after i met her, my mood quickly change.
im so damn sad my dear.
i dont know what to do anymore.
i think no one can help me.
im stressed and frustrated with myself!
stupid chiyoko!
but, what was more disappointed, my boyfriend made fool of me.
yes my dear, i admit. im a stupid girl.
by the way, thanks to agree with it.
but should i appreciate it?
you know dear.
im so damn stress that time.
and deeply in my heart it hurt my feeling so much.
i need you to comfort me but then?
you make fun of me.
ouh dear, i know you wanna make me laugh but im sorry.
i tried to laugh but i cant.
im very sad about that thing.
seriously, im so damn sad.
but still, i cant blame you.
its my fault from the start. my bad.
sorry dear.
please give me some time to rest my mind.
clear all these mess.
three days only my dear.
please understand me okay?
i will be back to you because i just need you.
and now, im out from this stupid internet life for a while.
i promise i will be soon.
take care all.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ouh baby, please SMILE~~~

its easy to say but hard to do now.
im in sad mode dear.
i cant smile.
i tried to but still, i cant.
i wish i can smile as usual.
make people laugh and happy.
ouh, i need to be myself back.
but not now dear.
it is really hard.
im so damn sad.
i cant talk, i cant laugh and cant even smile.
ouh, im fucked up.
i need my courage back.
i need my strength and my love one back to me.
no, this time is not about my boyfriend.
its about my parent, my family.
i broke their hearts.
thats the reason why im so damn sad now.
i dont know what to do to make things back to normal.
ouh, i just hate myself.
how come i could do this to my parent, my family?
i really2 hate myself now.
i mean it!
i wanna die but there's nothing gonna change if i die right?
hmm. i wish things gonna be better soon.
ouh GOD, please help me...

~my last WILL for him~

if i die tonight, i just want you to be happy always my dear.
really i am.
i just love YOU so much.
i dont want YOU to be sad for me.
its just made my heart hurt so much.
i need your love, your cutie faces, your laughable attitudes, your adorable
behaviors and your sweet talks.
ouh, im really into YOU.
i love YOU.

if i die tonight, i will be the one who are very sad because
i have to leave you here and gone.
i wish we will together forever.
i wanna marry YOU.
i wanna have your kid.
everything is just for YOU.

ouh dear, if i die tonight, i wish YOU will never forget me.
but still, dont cry for me and just be happy.
im praying for a beautiful life for YOU.
i wish YOU will live so much in love and not in pain.
ouh my baby boy, i wish i would not have to leave YOU.
tonight or whenever.
i just wanna be with YOU.
just YOU.

ouh GOD, if i die tonight, just let him be happy.
dont let he cries for my death.
dont ever let he feel the sadness.
this is my last wish.
and this is my only big wish for him.

ouh, if i die tonight, i want only this.
just this!
i want YOU ; MOHD ALIF BIN KASAH will be happy always
and never forget me.
i just love YOU so much my dearest BOYFRIEND!

lots of loves,


STUPID me! :'(

ouh, its me here.
a stupid 21 ys old girl.
as usual, i've made mistakes. AGAIN!
unforgivable mistakes.
yeah, im not perfect but i can try to avoid doing that stupid mistakes.
the mistakes that i used to do it in the past.
and i just repeated the same mistakes now. here!
you just broke your PARENT and family members' hearts!
what do you want actually?!
yes, you are damn STUPID grown up girl!
hmm. like my lil' brother had said to me, " yes, you studied in a UNIVERSITY but your mind, your thoughts just like the jerks from the side of the road! you are so STUPID! crazy girl! you just know how to make your MOM and DAD feel sad and sick! you are a very STUPID sister! i will kill you if something bad happen to UMI and PAPA!"
yeah, im the one should be blame to.
but still, i cant stop showing my STUPIDITY.
i tried every single moment but i cant because im damn STUPID.
ouh GOD, what shall i do?
should i just die?
would they, my PARENT and FAMILY MEMBERS, be happy if im dead?
please GOD, show me true path and i will follow YOU.
i wanna be a good STUPID girl.
i wanna make my PARENT and FAMILY MEMBERS proud of me.
please, im begging YOU.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

~~~LOVE ♥ LOVE~~~

our relationship was last just a few days.
please dont blame me when you are the one who made
things become like this.
yes, i do love you once.
when the day i opened my heart for you.
i accepted your seriousness about making me as your
steady girlfriend.
but you. you are the one who ruined it.
when you got my heart, you left me a few days with
a lot of questionnaires.
without news or texts. am i who should be blame to?
after a few days you came back.
and you just said, "why you didnt text me? are you too busy".
hell yeah, im busy.
busy with my new boyfriend.
sorry dear, i cant accept you anymore.
please leave me and my boyfriend alone. he loves me a lots.
im sorry i cant be yours anymore.
im just sad being with you.
and im happy now with my new boyfriend.
sorry again and byebye. (@.@)

my PAKCIK sayangss...
encik ALIF bengong~~~

he is my new BOYFRIEND!
i dont really care what you guys gonna say to me
but im in love with him.
he is a funny guy.
seriously, he is really funny.
he always make me smile.
make me laugh.
everything are gonna be just fine when im with him.
omg, i really love him.
he is the best PAKCIK ever.
he likes to lecture me but i love to listen to them.
ouh ouh ouh, i just want you sayangsss.
you bengong okay and that is one of the reasons why
i've fallen for you.
ouh god, please let us be together forever.
i really love him.
please please please.
i wish he gonna marry me.