Monday, March 22, 2010

a day in TIMES SQUARE. [2o/o3/2o1o]


i met this lil' baby when my friends and i were wandering somewhere in Times Square (TS). she is so CUTE okay. i swear! hehe. :D
firstly, her mother was pampering her.
kept on looking at her.
i touched her. smiled to her. (she smiled back okay!)
and then, after a while her mother gave her to me!
im so surprised. seriously! huhu.
and then my friends and i just do our 'JOB'.
we're taking a lot of photos with this baby.
this is one of them.
hat was more surprising is her father took a lot of photos of us.
she is so cute.
my friends told me that she looked just like me.
like mother and daughter.
is it true?
if that's true, am i that cute?
i dont care!
the baby is cute!
i LOVE her!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tokio Hotel My Love! (*.*)


they are so hot!
i LOVE you guys so much!''World Behind My Wall'' is the best song i ever listened.
i've fallen in LOVE with you guys on the first time when i listened to this song.
the ''World Behind My Wall'' MV is awesome!
i LIKE it so much!Bill, you are gorgeous!
Tom, you are cool!
i LOVE both of you so damn much! ^_^

*Bill Kaulitz & Tom Kaulitz*

they are twins!
this is the first time i saw a very HOT twins!
Tom is the older one.
they are twins but they are a lil' bit different in clothing.
Tom is more to HIP HOP style but Bill is more to PUNK. hehe. :)
but, they are the same in their look because both of them are cute & handsome!
i wish you all the best LOVEs..

Bill Kaulitz

Tom Kaulitz

Monday, March 15, 2010

our TRIO REUNION babies! lalala~~~ (26th February 2o1o)

babies!!! i've upload our REUNION photos in here.
be the 1st to watch it okay?
lalalala~~~ :P
here they are.....

this what would happen if the three of us meet each others.
we are camera whore!
hahahah.. :D
we went to meet each other on last 26th February 2o1o at Mid Valley after a few months didnt meet. what an unforgettable moment! hehehe. (:
we've been BFF for so long...
its already around 13 years. we cant never be separated.
lalalala~~~ :P
we will always be BESTFRIENDS!
you guys dont jealoud okay!
here some more photos...

my FRIENDS' BIRTHDAY lol~~~ [16th February 2o1o]

what a great day!
there're 3 of friends celebrate their 21st birthday on that day!
they're having the same Date Of Birth (DOB)..
what a sweet coincidence.. ^_^
i wish i could have it too...heheh.. :D
they're, kak mien, irfan and zizun's birthday!
kak mien made a BIRTHDAY PARTY on that day.
she cooked some spaghetti for us.
it was so nice and, some pictures on that day.
wohooo! *.*

these are what happened on that day.
none of them were the BIRTHDAY GIRL...
hahahah.. :P
miss this moment..
.....i LOVE you ALL.....


Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my friends especially my chinese friends.
(fen, tiew, adeline, lay nee & shin ye)

yaya... its 14th February 2o1o.
all the chinese plus the people in Malaysia celebrated Chinese New Year on that day
im also the one who celebrated it. its 1MALAYSIA lol..
hehehe.. :D

i think there's so many things happened to be but i'll just tell you guys about the most important one only..
hohoho.. :P
here it is, before Chinese New Year, i've to do included sending my PTPTN DOCUMENTS.
what a tiring thing because i've to go many place to settle the documents thingy.
luckily i could settle it on time..
hahahah.. ^.^

after that i went back home.
what a HAPPY day.
at home, i'd have so many free time because i didnt have to go to the classes or do any assignments. poor my friends who had a lots of assignments on the holiday.
hehehehe.. *.*
because of nothing to do, i can go out anywhere and anytime i wanted to.
but, sometimes i just stayed at home and watched TV.
i love watching TV especially CARTOON...
on the holiday, i went out with my family and friends to many places but im tired to list them out. hehe. :P
hell yeah!!!!!!!!!
the holiday was awesome!
i hope i can do so much things again on my next holiday.

emm, that's all i could say about the things happened to me in February..
see you in next post.
weeeee~~~~ ^_^

you ; him --> him ; you

him : for almost about three years he waited me. from the first time we met, the place which no one could expect to meet with each other. its starting from when he used his sister and cousin to get close to me and asked for my phone number. i dont even know that trick but i fell to it. what a phatetic way but i like it. at least i know im not that kind of girl who would give her phone number to the unkwon guy. he called and sms me. everyday, everynight, every week, every month and every year. he never gotten bored with me. never at once. he trusted me. he never mad at me. he cared about me although he knew i would not accept him easily. three years past. he still with it. he still care about me. make me smile when im sad. make me laugh when my mood was flown away. he made me wanna hug him everytime i heard his voice. i told him that i wouldnot accept him to be my special boyfriend by doing those thing. but, he never give up. plus, he just said he's doing these on the name of friend. he always said he missed me. he always gave kisses when we ended our conversations. i ; me, still cannot accept him. sometimes i tought that i had fallen in love with him but im still cannot accept him. the word 'why' always flew in my mind whenever i tought about it. im wondering why i couldnot accept him although i know that he can make me happy? its phatetic okay. im myself didnot know the reason of it. he never asked me for a date (in formal ways) although we used to go out together. he ever brought me home to meet his mom, dad and sisters. he is the first guy who i trust so much. he never done any bad things to me. i trust him! he always said he missed me with his way (egoist talk). he liked to use 'i still love you my friend' when he wanna say he loves me. its so egoist but it made me smile and laugh a lot. i love you too my friend. just friend. he waited me. he waited me. he waited me. until last night, on my bestfriend big day (adeline's birthday), he asked me to be his special girlfriend with a very beautiful phrase. i wanna accept him. i want! but, im still cannot accept him. why? why? why? it made me sick. what should i do now? hmm. i love him too. :(

you : my friend, why did you love me so much? you rather lose other girls to have me. why? i dont even know what are so special with me. a bunch of people hate me. but, why did you still want me? why? im wondering. from the first time you said you missed me, you liked me, you loved me, i cannot accept them. please give me some strong reasons so that i can accept you. open my heart for you. yes! i do love you too but that isnot more than friend. my mom already liked you but me myself still cannot accept you. i didnot know what is problem with me. im sorry. i hope you understand me. please! i wish one day i could accept you and we will be the happiest couple. i wished it with all my heart. i wanna accept you. i want! but now i just can say. i love you my friend. i love you! :)

Lots of Love ; Nurul Hidayah

credit to : you ; him ; mr. F
(monday ; 25th january 2010 ; 13:20pm)


(Mummy Daddy! i wanna be like her. she is so damn CUTE! *.*)
(errr... this actually doesn't relate to my story.)
(hahahahaha.. :P)

actually there's nothing much happened to me in the month of JANUARY because i just came back from my hometown to my hostel.
but, there's a lil' frustrated and annoying when i've something wrong with my subjects registration for this SEMESTER. so, i've to do manually. its very complex thingy.
and i've to do so many things until they were completed.
its so tiring. huhu. :(
but, im so very HAPPY because i've a very LOVING and CARING lecturer.
he helped me in everything that he can.
he helped me talked to the HIGHER OFFICER to accept my manual registration.
i LOVE you ouh SENSEI IKBAL! ^_^
thanks for everything. i appreciated it so much!
i'll do my best as you expected me to be. i'll be the stop student.
thanks to you because you're believing in me.
i'll show you that i can do it!
yeah yeah! :D
btw, i've to start some class a lil' late but i like it.
hahahaha.. :P
as i remembered, this is the most unforgettable thing happened to me.
its not too bad i guess.
ngeeee~~~ (~.^)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Get This from

like everyone said ; new year new resolutions!
its easily to say that but hard to accomplish it. what a shame..
so damn stupid...
lalalala~~~ :P
i celebrated the new year eve at KLCC with some of my friends..
so cool okay... :D
its a great memory you know because we'd seen a lots of beautiful fireworks!
i love them so much!
i did take some pictures and videos on that day but they all gone..
its all because of my 'LOVELY' lappy.
i'd format it and all my data LOST. cool~~~ T.T
after celebrating new year, we all went to a restaurant to have some drinks..
then, we went home.
on the way home, there was something bad happened to us..
we almost got into an accident...
luckily my friend could avoid it like a PRO.
i will never FORGET that moment...
huhuhu... *.*
here, i've some new goals in 2o1o to share with you guys...

be rich.
be more beautiful.
be a good girl. ngeee~~~
>yeah.... here's my top 5 goals!
i've some more but tired to post them all and some of them are PRIVATE!
hehehe... :D
i wish i could accomplish these goals.
i really2 wish for it! ^-^
i hope 2o1o will give me more experiences and memories.
errr... beautiful memories okay!
so, how's your new year celebration?
was it cool or lousy?
lets compare with mine...
heheheh.. :P
that's all i could share to you guys about my new year celebration..