Friday, November 20, 2009

*[.Hongo Kanata.]*

Name : Hongo Kanata 本郷奏多
Date of Birth : 15 November 1990
Profession (s) : Actor / Model
Place of Birth : Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Height : 171 cm
Star Sign : Scorpio
Blood Type : O
Talent Agency : Stardust
TV Show (s) : Seigi No Mikata, Iryu 2, Tantei Gakuen Q, Seito Shokun!, Himitsu No Hanazono, Kiraware Matsuko No Issho & Aikurushii
Movie (s) : Goth, Silk, Nana 2, Prince Of Tennis, Until The Lights Come Back, Hinokio, Moon Child & Returner.

Kanata kun!!! Kawaii desu!!! Daisuki!!! (*.~) I like kanata kun a lot! I fell in LOVE with him damnly! i just watched all his MOVIEs, TVs & DRAMAs! He is also an adorable MODEL!! Awesome baby!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! heheheh.. (: I would like to meet him someday!! i'll study hard to get high pointer so that i can continue study to JAPAN!!! & then i wish i could meet HIM!!! KANATA kun, wait for me ouh!!! i will go to JAPAN someday!!! or else, i'm wishing you could come to MALAYSIA!!! hehehe.. ;DD I wish i could watch more MOVIE which cast by YOU! ouh KANATA kun, anata wa kokkai desu!!! && anata wa subarashii desu!!! aishiteru desune... (*_*)

Kanata kun acted as Echizen Ryoma in 'Prince of Tennis'. That is how i knew him. He is so cool in PoT! I had simply falling in LOVE with him. From that day, i keep on thinking of HIM. I had searched so much information about him. What's his real name, when is his Date of Birth (DoB), where is he came from, how old is he && many more. I'd searched everything about him in INTERNET. After that, i watched HIM in 'Seigi No Mikata' and 'Himitsu No Hanazono'. He is so damn COOL and HANDSOME in that DRAMAs! I like his attitudes in that DRAMA. His acting is so look alike HIM in REAL LIFE. He looked so REAL. I LOVE YOU BABY KANATA! (^@^) I am so JEALOUS when i saw he was holding hand with the GIRL in 'Seigi No Mikata'! I was dreaming that i was that GIRL. So CRAZY but i really hope that i could be that GIRL. The GIRL that he would fall in LOVE to. Haiyyo.. He made me so falling in LOVE with HIM!!! Haisshhh... I wish i could meet him someday!! Or be friend with HIM.. Watashi, anata wa aishiteru desu KANATA kun!!!! (^o^)

Finally, i've fallen in LOVE again!! After 1 year~~~ (*.*)

本後かなた (Hongo Kanata)


本後かなた (Hongo Kanata)

kanata kun, kawaii desu!! watashi wa, anata o' aishitemasu. anata wa hansamu desu. watashi wa anata to ai ni shite. anata wa subarashi desune. anata rashii to ai su be ki. watashi wa tenisu no de anata o' . ni yo ku. so no you ni watashi.

本後かなた (Hongo Kanata)
kanata kun!!! you are cute!! i love you!!! you are handsome!! i fell in love with you!! you are great. you are awesome and lovable. i watched you in prince of tennis. you acted very well. i like that.