Monday, September 7, 2009

new FRIEND. needed or not?

FRIEND? what's the meaning of the 'FRIENDS' right
now? is it FRIENDS are just for fun? what a stupid though. hmm. i really2 don't understand what are the meaning of FRIENDS right now. we're just boring if we aren't have any FRIEND but i also didn't like when i got FRIENDS just for fun. i like to be and have a meaningful FRIENDSHIP. i need it! what a boring FRIENDSHIP that i have in my college now. they need me then they talk to me. when they don't want me they just ignore me. what the hell that's all about? seriously, i need a very2 meaningful FRIENDSHIP in here. i need it so much! why can't those people understand me? i don't want much, i just want a true FRIENDSHIP. a FRIENDSHIP that i could talk about when i am at my place argghh.. i really don't know what the hell they want from me. i need a true FRIENDSHIP okay! :'((