Monday, August 10, 2009

what a SAD day for me...

*a SAD day about LOVE*

what a sad day for me..
waaa.. i'm crying.. :'((
dis tyme bkn ksh cinta antra sorg laki ngan sorg pompuan tp arini cte ttg cinta dlm FRIENDSHIP..
cinta dlm frenship lg myakitkn..
what a fren 4 klu dorg jz reti sktkn hti??
hmm.. i sedeyh sgt..
i'm lonely.. slalu dk sorg2..
sgt sedeyh meh..
cte ni b'kait ngn roommate2 i..
smenjak smbong blaja ni i da tk phm ngn dri i..
dlu i disukai n cm rmai yg nk kwn ngn i..
tp skrg i cm rs i dibenci org..
ape i da wat kt dorg??
ape dorg nk dr i??
i tk pna bruba.. i still jd dri i yg dlu..
tp knp dorg cm tkleh trime i??
ape slh i??
i perlukan kwn utk truskn idop i kt cni tp smpai skrg i tkde kwn yg blh i hrpkn..
i ni jht sgt kew??
i sbr jep.. from the 1st day i dikutuk tp i still sbr..
smpai skrg i sbr..
i jz blh smpn sorg2.. tkde org yg nk dga..
i'm so sad.. what shall i do??
arghh.. my life gone suck from day 2 day..
i jz can cry cry & cry..
i still sbr.. try 2 smile at them everyday..
tp dorg tk appreciate i pon..
dorg wt i cm tk wjd..
hti i hancor..
it seems like i've 2 try 2 live without a fren near me..
i miss my BESTFRIENDS so much!
i hope i could meet them A.S.A.P!
i need them so much.. juz them could understand me..
i love you BESTIES...

P/s : if you (my roommates) read this.. i juz wanna ask u guys some apology.. hope you guys 4giv me & tell me what shall i do 2 make u guys like & love as ur fren.. i wanna b ur fren.. thanks 4 dis experience..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Greetings! ^_^

hye all..
this is my official page...
you guys can come and take a look in my page.. plus, do ask me if u want...
it's up 2 you guys wanna give comment about what in any languages but i hope the one that i can understand..^^
there're everything about me will be shown in here..
so, this is it! hehehe...
please enjoy!
see you again later...